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Defending Against Drug Trafficking Charges in California

If you or someone you know is facing drug trafficking charges in California, the Law Offices of Richard A. Meyer is here to provide experienced legal representation. Our Modesto drug trafficking attorney is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of drug trafficking cases in California. We understand the serious consequences that drug trafficking charges can bring, and we are dedicated to safeguarding your rights and fighting for the best possible result in your case.

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What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is considered a very serious criminal offense in California, and it involves the transportation, distribution, sale, or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances intending to sell or distribute them. These substances can include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana (in large quantities), and prescription medications when obtained and distributed illegally.

Drug trafficking is considered a more severe offense than simple drug possession due to the intent to distribute or sell drugs. Law enforcement agencies in California actively investigate and prosecute individuals and groups involved in drug trafficking activities.

What are the Penalties for Drug Trafficking in California?

The penalties for drug trafficking in California can be severe, and they vary depending on several factors, including the specific type and quantity of drugs involved, the defendant's criminal history, and the specific circumstances of the case. Common penalties for drug trafficking may include:

  • Prison Sentences: Convictions for drug trafficking often result in lengthy prison sentences, ranging from several years to life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Fines: Drug trafficking convictions can lead to significant fines, amounting to thousands or even millions of dollars.
  • Asset Forfeiture: The government may seize and forfeit assets, including money, vehicles, and property, believed to be connected to drug trafficking activities.
  • Probation: In some cases, individuals convicted of drug trafficking may be sentenced to probation, which may include drug testing, mandatory counseling, and other conditions.
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences: California has mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug trafficking offenses, meaning that judges have limited discretion when imposing sentences.
  • Enhancements: Enhancements, such as prior convictions or the involvement of minors in drug trafficking, can lead to increased penalties.
  • Federal Charges: In some cases, drug trafficking cases may be prosecuted at the federal level, resulting in even more severe penalties.

Defenses Against Drug Trafficking Charges

Some common defenses against drug trafficking charges may include:

  • Illegal Search and Seizure: Challenging the legality of how evidence was obtained, such as through an illegal search or seizure, can lead to the suppression of evidence in court.
  • Lack of Intent: If it can be shown that you did not intend to distribute or sell drugs, this could weaken the prosecution's case.
  • Mistaken Identity: In some cases, mistaken identity may be a valid defense if you were wrongly accused of drug trafficking.
  • Chain of Custody Issues: Ensuring that the evidence against you was handled properly and that there were no breaches in the chain of custody can be critical in building a defense.
  • Insufficient Evidence: The prosecution must be able to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Any weaknesses or inconsistencies in their case can be used to your advantage.
  • Entrapment: If law enforcement officers induced you to commit a crime you otherwise would not have executed on your own, entrapment may be a valid defense. 

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